A humble request.

5 Nov

Tomorrow is November 6th, voting day!

People are literally dying in countries around the world to have the voting rights that we do. So please, PLEASE vote. Take a few minutes to find your voting location, set aside some time from your work day (yes, it’s worth the half day/lunch break), and fill in a simple questionnaire.

The amount of effort required to vote is nothing compared to what might happen if the wrong policies are put into place.

So I’m begging you, please, get out there and VOTE.


Beijing – Off the “Restored” Path

25 Sep

Quick: When I say “China” what is the first thing that pops into your mind? No, I’m not talking about fried rice inside a little white to-go box (although that would be the second thing I would think about), The Great Wall of course! We had the amazing opportunity to come across a “Off the Beaten Path” tour group in Beijing that takes tourists to a less visited, not restored, (actually) peaceful part of the wall with some exciting hikes and steep “rock climbing”. I’m not gonna lie, I got to feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible…. sometimes!

The company (cause I know you are interested) is called Back Country Beijing and they offer a very exciting 2 day trip. The most common place on the wall to visit is called Badaling, and although its grandeur is breathtaking and true to history (there has been quite a bit of restoration to this part), it is jam-packed every single day of the year. Plus, you don’t get the exciting Tom Cruise-friendly ups and downs, literally.

To keep it short and simple, we drove to a small village at the base of the mountain, had lunch at a local Chinese Farmer’s house, then hiked up for about 2 hours to the Wall. Two of the guides set up camp and started on dinner, while the other took us around the distance of 3 Guard Watch Houses. We were back after a few hours, had dinner and camped out ON THE WALL!!

That’s the Stairway to Heaven behind us!! 🙂

We got up really early to watch the sun rise, had a hearty oatmeal and coffee, then off to a very famous point popularly known as “Stairway to Heaven”…. mostly because its to steep but if you feel off or missed a step…. I’m just sayin’.

Enjoying a beautiful sun rise, freezing my butt at the same time!

Fashion Week Street Style

18 Sep

London Fashion Week is coming to an end. This season I decided to stay away from the fashion crowds at Somerset House to indulge in a quiet and stress-free overview of the shows from home. Style.com is my favourite website for catwalk pictures and reviews. Though I love watching the shows, I’m mostly inspired by street style pictures. I find them relatable and admire the effort and creativity that goes into composing interesting outfits.

Here are a few of my favourite street style pics this season:

My go-to blogs for street style are:

The Sartorialist 

On The Streets

Tommy Ton / Jak and Jil

Man Repeller (Leandra is funny and I love her style)

Le Fashion 

Fashion Toast

x Natasha

Beaches and Mussels (no, this is not a typo!)

17 Sep

Miami is an extremely popular tourist destination for brazilians! It combines our favorites–malls, beaches and good eats! It is also a short 7/8 hour flight away (from Sao Paulo) and the weather is always agreeable (perhaps too hot at times, but hey, the sun is shining!)

While in Miami, I am always bugging friends who have lived there before for tips on where to eat, where to go, what to do. Fellow Daisychainer, Steph, will certainly be able to add to our Miami tips dossier here at the blog, but meanwhile, I will continue our discussion with my latest input on the city!

As you know, I took some time off in July and went to Guanajuato, Mexico (read this entry here)! During this trip, I also visited Miami.

My favorite day in Miami started off enjoying Key Biscayne! The beach at Key Biscayne is an oasis of tranquility and beauty–close to my definition of paradise. Before you reach the sand, you walk through a big patch of grass with some grilling stations here and there for barbecuing (another brazilian favorite). The sand is white and the beach is filled with palm trees. The water is an incredible shade of blue and almost too warm to refresh you on warmer days (also a plus for those who, like me, are not very keen on cold water).

Path to the beach

After a long day at the beach, nothing better than going back to downtown Miami and enjoying a couple of drinks and appetizers at Novecento. Luckily, I went on a day where the Miami Heat was playing the Boston Celtics and the bar area was filled with people cheering on for their team, creating an even better atmosphere. I ordered some steamed mussels in a white wine reduction which I highly recommend!

I almost managed to eat all of those mussels!

Stay tuned for more insider tips on this popular destination!


POLITICS! Just don’t bring it up at parties..

13 Sep

Those who know me know that I’m passionate about politics. Be it how it affects your community, your job, or your overall philosophies on life and society.  And although every election year I’m 4 years older and supposedly “wiser”, I feel like I hear more arrogant comments than during the previous election.

Listen, people – don’t be sheep. If you’re family and friends are voting one way, figure out for YOURSELF if you will, too. You might have grown up in your family’s house, but your life experience makes you a completely different person, with your own mind to make your own decisions. Rather than just parroting back your familiar party’s arguments, take a few minutes to find out which issues mean the most to your life and correspond to your ideals.  Just because my grandfather could recite the bible to you and watched Fox news religiously (from Brazil, might I add), it doesn’t mean that I’m going to do the same.

Things to think about first are the big picture issues; Are you like me and have a career vested in the future of The National Endowment for the Arts? Do you work for a corporation whose primary focus is revenue? Do you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, or do you believe in marriage equality? If your teenage cousin became pregnant, would you condemn her for terminating the pregnancy? These are genuine and sincere questions that you need to ask yourself, because the two parties are getting farther away from the middle and embracing the more extreme sides of liberal and conservatism, and you need to figure out which one you’d rather have.

I’m not going to shove my political views down your throat, but I feel obliged to encourage you to discover the facts for yourself and REGISTER!  We need to be a nation of informed voters, not blind sheep who do what they’re told without question. There are two drastically different paths that this country could take in November, and each one of us has a direct responsibility in making it [not] happen.

Uncle Sam wants YOU to vote this November!


I will throw in this one bit of my political orientation by asking you to watch Bill Clintons speech at the convention last week; not only is the man amazing, but all fact checkers agree that it was one of, if not the most honest speeches given in a loooong time.



One more thing: no matter where you are in this big ol’ world of ours, you really have no excuse not to vote if you’re an American citizen. If you’ll be busy all day election day, you can register for early voting, if you’re abroad or away from your home state, you can send an absentee ballot. The extra 3 minutes it takes to fill out and 40cents for the stamp have an enormous impact on your future!

Helpful sites:

http://www.factcheck.org – don’t believe everything you hear, make sure you know the facts!

http://www.fvap.gov I if you’re living outside of the U.S. and want more info on absentee voting.

http://www.isidewith.com An informative quiz that matches you up with candidates that side with issues you care about.

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