Olympic Fever

26 Jul
It’s impossible to ignore the Olympic buzz in London at the moment! We are trying to prepare ourselves for the crowded and probably impossible tube journeys to work every morning, not to mention peak times are meant to be from 3pm-7pm. How the hell will I be getting home? I guess the answer is…. RELAX and enjoy the games. Instead of going home I will be heading to the pub around the corner from my office, ordering a few pints to cool down after long hours in a stuffy room and cheering for the Brazilian team of whatever sport is on. I am also desperately trying to get beach volleyball tickets and will definitely find a way (don’t ask me how because I can’t afford expensive tickets at the moment) to be there for our amazing super star Brazilian volleyball teams during the finals. My boyfriend and I are very excited about the tickets he bought for quarter finals men’s basketball! I love watching professional basketball and want to watch as many live games as possible over the next month.
Below are a few pics of what the city looks like at the moment! Regent Street is always the go-to place for celebratory ornaments. They decorated the entire street with flags from different countries.

Regent Street

Olympic Fever also hit High Street shops like H&M and Topshop. Check out their shop windows below…feeling very welcome at Topshop 😉

H&M window

Topshop window

Inside Topshop

Now let’s talk about the double-decker buses, London’s trade mark! These buses are obviously all over the city and it’s impossible not to notice advertisements in other languages… so funny! This morning I also saw a bus with a Smirnoff ad about Brazilian Caipiroskas, a great nod to the huge Brazilian community in London!



So if you are around during the games and want to have fun on a budget without missing the best views in London you MUST:
– Explore Hyde Park on a bike! The park is beautiful and huuuuge, so bikes are the best way to get around. Rent a Barclays Bike for 1 pound/ hour and enjoy the beautiful views. Feeling good about cycling for an hour, return the bike (might be challenging, make sure you have a map with you) and head towards the fountains for a picnic. Hyde park is also a great place to people watch; there is so much going on you wouldn’t believe it.

Cycling in Hyde Park

Fountains/ Hyde Park

– Check out Frank’s Cafe in Peckham. A perfect hang out place away from the crowds, Frank’s Cafe is located on top of a car park (level 10) and boasts an incredible view of the city. Have a few drinks, eat their amazing food and chill with your friends for hours until the sun sets at around 9:30pm. You can see the London Eye and the newest coolest building in town: The Shard.

Frank’s Cafe

Frank’s Cafe

Frank’s Cafe

View: London Eye

View: The Shard

Let the games begin!
xo from London

One Response to “Olympic Fever”

  1. Randa@TheDaisyChain July 26, 2012 at 5:03 PM #

    wanted to be there!! good thing the next olympics are in brazil!! =)

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