São Paulo: All set to samba

30 Jul

Rede Globo in São Paulo hosts many carioca employees since the official HQ and largest production center is located in Rio de Janeiro.  When in São Paulo, these employees often look for places that remind them of their usual hangout spots back home. My boss is one of them who, missing the samba bars in Rio, found her home away from home at her friend’s bar Traço de União .

I hadn’t been to a genuine samba bar in a loonggg time, let alone in São Paulo, so I was excited when my co-workers decided to go one Friday night. My boss told us it was good to get there around 9:30/10pm to avoid lines at the door, so we got a couple of drinks close to work before heading there (going home, Friday, during rush hour, no way!).

Traço de União is proud to have as its padrinhos (bar patrons) Beth Carvalho, famous Brazilian samba singer and Luiz Carlos da Vila, former samba composer/singer. Located near Largo da Batata in Pinheiros, the bar is inspired by practice spaces of samba schools with bleachers on one side, a stage on the other, and packs of beer piled behind the bar counters.

Traço de União Bar

Traço de União

When we got there, I was positively surprised to find all types of people: locals and tourists, young and old, samba experienced and not-so-much! You can make reservations for tables ahead of time if you like and if you get there early enough you can grap a bite (delicious  pastéis!)–but most people will just stand because soon they’ll be dancing anways! A DJ starts the night off, remixing traditional samba songs with pop music (I was impressed with the unique remixes!). At about 12/1am the house band comes in making even those who never attempted a samba step shake it on the dancefloor! If you are lucky enough you might see talented dancers, sometimes professionals, showing off their moves.

DJ Tadeu: unique samba remixes!

genuine samba

Presence of samba professionals. Image courtesy of Traço de União.

Be it a beer, caipirinha, or cachaça, drinks are reasonably priced! If you decide to go, put your name on the discount list, this way women pay entrance fee of R$15 and men R$30.

Since that Friday night, I’ve been back to celebrate my boss’s birthday (she wouldn’t have chosen any other place!) and took fellow Daisy Chain-er Flávia and college friend Andréia who, like me, found it extremely fun and a good alternative to the usual electro/house music clubs!

– Randa

Traço de União

Rua Cláudio Soares, 73 – Pinheiros  Sao Paulo, 05422-030, Brazil
(0xx)11 3031-8065

Opens Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays


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