Don’t feed the wildlife..

6 Aug

One of the perks about Aspen is that  you’re in the wild-west surrounded by nature. Most of the time you can find adorable disney-esque fawns all around trying to figure out why we visitors make such strange noises, but if you’re [un]lucky enough, you may just run into a bear. No one actually thinks they’ll see one since they generally stay away from populated areas during the daytime, which is why it’s crazy that there have been two sightings in the neighborhood this week. Both times near oboists, too!

A few days ago there was a young bear RIGHT in front of my place. My friend snapped this while I was at lunch, but had I been around I would have freaked out! I’m not sure how old it was, but if there was any chance mama bear was hiding in the bushes it would have been bad news.

Then a few days later, this gal was spotted just hanging out next to an oboist’s house. I found out that she decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in a tree, just hanging out. Imagine looking out your window and coming eye to eye with a bear…

tree hugger

All in all, it’s been a bear-y busy week for these guys (sorry, I had to!).


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