Maroon Bells

16 Aug

You can still spot some snow on the mountains!

My beautiful family was in town over the weekend, so we tried to fit the entire Aspen experience in two and a half days. With such a limited amount of time, I tried to take them to the most memorable places that I knew of, and I immediately thought of Maroon Bells.

The Bells are two bell-shaped peaks that are maroon in color from mudstone. There’s a stunning lake in the valley below the peaks, and the whole area was sculpted out of ice-age glaciers. If the Bells don’t blow you away, the scenic diversity should. On one side of the valley there are the snow capped bells, next to them is a green covered mountain, and on the other side are jagged red mountains reminiscent of a desert.

The desert looking rocks across from the Bells

As you walk up and around the trails, you see forests of Aspen trees for which the city is named. The trees look like they have eyes, and the indigenous population here had legends and mythology around them.

As the trees grow, the branches fall off leaving “eyes” behind.

Depending on how many people you’re with, there are two ways to get to the Bells if you don’t want to take the grueling bike ride up. You can drive in before 9am and past 5pm for a $10 parking fee, or you can take a $6 bus from 9-5pm with a guided tour explaining the history of the bells.  All the other parks and mountains in this area are free, so paying 6 dollars that will directly benefit the conservation of the area seems like a fair bargain.

Obligatory family photo!

If you’re ever in or around Aspen during the summer, the Maroon Bells are a must.  It was my third visit this summer , and it still blows me away every time.


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