Beaches and Mussels (no, this is not a typo!)

17 Sep

Miami is an extremely popular tourist destination for brazilians! It combines our favorites–malls, beaches and good eats! It is also a short 7/8 hour flight away (from Sao Paulo) and the weather is always agreeable (perhaps too hot at times, but hey, the sun is shining!)

While in Miami, I am always bugging friends who have lived there before for tips on where to eat, where to go, what to do. Fellow Daisychainer, Steph, will certainly be able to add to our Miami tips dossier here at the blog, but meanwhile, I will continue our discussion with my latest input on the city!

As you know, I took some time off in July and went to Guanajuato, Mexico (read this entry here)! During this trip, I also visited Miami.

My favorite day in Miami started off enjoying Key Biscayne! The beach at Key Biscayne is an oasis of tranquility and beauty–close to my definition of paradise. Before you reach the sand, you walk through a big patch of grass with some grilling stations here and there for barbecuing (another brazilian favorite). The sand is white and the beach is filled with palm trees. The water is an incredible shade of blue and almost too warm to refresh you on warmer days (also a plus for those who, like me, are not very keen on cold water).

Path to the beach

After a long day at the beach, nothing better than going back to downtown Miami and enjoying a couple of drinks and appetizers at Novecento. Luckily, I went on a day where the Miami Heat was playing the Boston Celtics and the bar area was filled with people cheering on for their team, creating an even better atmosphere. I ordered some steamed mussels in a white wine reduction which I highly recommend!

I almost managed to eat all of those mussels!

Stay tuned for more insider tips on this popular destination!



One Response to “Beaches and Mussels (no, this is not a typo!)”

  1. slim001 September 25, 2012 at 4:59 AM #

    novecento, steak salad although sounds bland because its a salad… dont be fooled. lettuce is on a bed of yummy fries (chubby ones), and then topped with amazingly pink steak!

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