Meet the Authors

Meet the authors of The Daisy Chain! We’re a group of girls connected through an international school in Brazil. Now we’re scattered all over the world. Get to know us!

Anne – I am a transnational urbanist currently residing in New York City. I grew up in Brazil and the United States, straddling and struggling with both identities. Because of this, I look at the world and see infinite possibilities for connections and collaboration. I am passionate about cultural exploration, community building, transportation development, food, and what we can learn from others. Maybe this is a character flaw, but I always believe in the kindness of strangers, and have yet to be disappointed! My studies and interests have taken me to wonderful places across the globe, and I hope to share what I have learned, am learning, and want to learn through this blog.

Flávia – I am driven by the “new” factor and love being challenged and being exposed to new places and things that stimulate my curiosity. Over the past 6 years I have lived in five different cities around the world (I currently live in São Paulo) and my favorite thing to do is observe key cultural differences in the way people communicate, dress and relate. I love learning new languages and trying to pick up as much as I can about the local context along the way—through conversations, cinema, music and whatever else I can get my hands on. This blog will be a way for me to share my observations about people and culture and whatever else inspires me and catches my attention. This in itself will be a new challenge and I am excited!

Mandy – You could say I didn’t really have a choice when it came to experiencing different cultures and languages. At the young age of 3, my parents’ quest for new adventures took me all over world: we moved from Mexico, to Ecuador, and finally to Brazil. I went back to the United States for college, where I graduated from Elon University. Now, starting my own journey in Washington, D.C. while I get my masters in Sports Management, I’m excited to explore the city and see what it has to offer to fulfill my passions of meeting new people, eating different food, and getting lost along the way.

Michelle – Whatever I am interested in I am severely passionate about, be it music, science or politics. Growing up in New York and the DC area, my parents were discontent with how American I had become. So, they shipped me off to Brazil when I was 15 to finish high school while also learning my family’s history, language, and culture. Along with a new perspective on life and amazing friends, I re-discovered my love of music and came to Boston to pursue a career in orchestral oboe. Seven years later, Boston still hasn’t let me go. Over the years I’ve found myself drawn to the academic side of music, and am now complementing music with studies on how sounds affects pre-natal and early childhood neurodevelopment.  This city is amazing, and whether you’re playing with orchestra or taking classes at Harvard, you are guaranteed to be intellectually stimulated. While I won’t be leaving Boston any time soon, I can’t imagine a life without traveling to new places and having new experiences, constantly changing how I see the world and other people. I hope this blog encourages you to do the same!

Natasha– From a young age I thought my life was going to be a straightforward journey with a few bumps along the way, but nonetheless a planned adventure. Little did I know that my interest in fashion was only the beginning of an unpredictable story with new characters and unexpected plot changes along the way. I moved from my hometown of Campinas, Brazil, to São Paulo at the age of 17 to study fashion design, and soon discovered a world of possibilities. Nothing was right or wrong — instead, things were different, new and exciting. Two years later I had a gut feeling that couldn’t be explained and I simply knew it was time to move on. Trusting my heart, I left almost everything behind and moved to London. Living abroad has given me the chance to explore and understand the world beyond my home country and comfortable upbringing; it constantly challenges me to think laterally and adapt to new environments. I have recently completed a degree in Fashion Journalism and am searching for the next best thing… A new city, a new career, who knows?

Nicole – I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, to a Brazilian/Italian father and an American mother. After I finished elementary school in Campinas, my family moved to Massachusetts, and I’ve spent the last thirteen years living in the Boston area. Last year I graduated as a double-major in History and Studio Art from Amherst College — it’s true what they say, Amherst really is the “Fairest College!” — and spent the summer traveling before moving back to São Paulo. A year later, I’ve returned to Boston (Hi, Michelle!) and couldn’t be happier to call this beautiful city my home-base. I live with my boyfriend, Pete, and I work with start-up companies in Cambridge, so I love anything to do with innovation and creativity. My personal hobbies include reading, foreign languages, baking, knitting, and design — yup, I’m obsessed with Martha Stewart! I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, though my favorite trips are always ones where I get to travel or visit with friends. In the last few years, I’ve been to Argentina, Uruguay, France, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, Thailand, China, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, and England (to visit Natasha!). I look forward to planning many more trips soon, and can’t wait to share those experiences with you all here.

Randa – Born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Campinas, Brazil, traveling the world has always been one of my biggest dreams. From an early age I got to visit many places around the world on family vacations. However, it was only after spending a year abroad in Spain as part of my architecture degree that I was really able to understand my passion for getting to know different places and cultures. Before moving back to Brazil, I backpacked around Europe getting to know more than 12 countries in less than a month! Architecture-crazy, food-lover, and sports enthusiast, I am currently splitting my time between Campinas (finishing my final project) and São Paulo (working at a broadcast tv company). Always dreaming about the next adventure, I’m hoping to just share some of my experiences and get even more great insights from my friends!

Steph– One of my greatest pleasures upon meeting new people, besides that act itself, is when they ask me, “So where are you from?” A proud child of Chinese and Indonesian descent, I was born in Brazil and had a childhood split between my hometown, Campinas, Brazil, and Miami, Florida. It was a cultural mess growing up at my house; in order to keep up with our family, you had to be able to speak Portuguese, English and Mandarin all in one sentence, as well as adhere to both Chinese and Brazilian cultural customs. I was also raised to be interested in everything, from sports, to music, to languages, to motorcycles; but most importantly, to the beauty of travel. I left home at 17 for college in Miami, and ever since my first paycheck I have been continually saving up for my next big trip. Discovering new cultures, languages, people, and foods bring out the best in me. Right now, you’ll find me in China! I wouldn’t say that I’m connecting with roots while living in Shanghai, but rather just experiencing this wonderful up-and-coming magical place.


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