Where is Bike Share?!

11 Sep

All summer I was reeling with excitement because New York City was finally getting bike share in the end of this Summer! For those of you who haven’t heard me yap non-stop about this, bike share is a network of communal bicycles available throughout the city. Designed mainly for short-distance commuting, bike share enables you to pick up a bike and one station and drop it off at another station at your destination, providing an alternative to walking and public transportation. NYC is slated to have 10,000 bikes available at 600 stations throughout the city, focused mostly in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. I was so happy we were catching up! Bike share programs are already available in roughly 165 cities around the world, including Boston, Washington DC, and London, which we feature on the Daisy Chain!

Me posing with Bike Share in London!

I was literally counting the days for NYC Bike share, called Citi Bike as it is sponsored by CitiBank, because I just started a Masters Degree program (!) that requires me to commute to the opposite side of town, and Citi Bike was going to make my life much easier. I had my route all mapped out: pick a bike on my corner, ride across town to the West Side, where I would get on the 1 Train, and then 100 blocks later I would be at school.

Sadly, the inauguration of Citi Bike was pushed back to March 2013 and I have been condemned to walk across town or take the bus. It’s actually not that serious, but I am on a little bit of a rant and I must emphasize again how much I love bike shares and how much I was looking forward to it. Alas, I must tell myself to be patient…OR, this provides the perfect excuse to hop down to DC, or over to London, or Mexico CIty, or Paris, or Medellin…

Me and my sister riding Boston’s Bike Share!



Local Buzz – Boston: What’s that in the water? It’s CODZILLA!

7 Sep

Last night my company had its annual summer staff outing, and it was a blast! As a quick tip for a fun thing to do on a sunny day, I introduce “CODZILLA!”

It’s a high-speed boat that fits about 130 passengers, and once you’re on-board they take you on a semi-informative / semi-silly (think a handful of history and a heap of corny jokes) ride through the Boston Harbor and beyond. Once you get out far enough, “Codzilla” goes super fast and pulls lots of fun turns, meaning almost everyone on board gets soaked! Don’t worry, they’ll give you ponchos if you ask!

It was about a 45-minute ride overall, with about 15 minutes of high-speed flipping around in the middle. For a large group, this was the perfect not-too-long adventure before heading to the bar. There were lots of children on board, too, but the little ones all ended up crying, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the younger crowd.



Boston Harbor Cruises

1.877.SEE.WHALE (733.9425) or 617.227.4321

Reader Pics: Marrakech by Gustavo Damião

5 Sep

The market Jamaa el-Fnaa was the main reason we wanted to visit Marrakech when we were studying abroad! It’s a completely unique experience and definitely worth it!

After we explored every inch of the market, we decided to drink a mint tea  at Café Glace, which has the best view of the square! The tea was just an excuse so that Gustavo, with his amazing photographic skills, could take some amazing shots, one of which is our Reader Pic of the day! Thank you Gustavo, once more!

Jamaa el-Fnaa by Gustavo Damião

The September Issue – Has Vogue taken it a step too far?

4 Sep

American Vogue September Issue 2012

Every year millions of women wait for Vogue’s September issue to hit the newsstands. Since August I have been pestering newsagents all over London to find out when the magazine was due to arrive. In an industry that releases magazines a month before the actual date written on the front cover (yesterday I bought the October issue of InStyle), I was quite pleased when realizing that American Vogue was releasing its September issue in the end of August, giving me something to look forward to, content that I  couldn’t immediately find online.

Anyways… Finally, on the 31st of August I was thrilled to find the Lady Gaga cover amongst other fashion titles in my local newsstand. Shelves usually stock about 5 copies of each magazine, but in the case of this massive fashion bible there was only one copy that fit. I finally reached for it  and… Wow, okay, I knew it was going to be heavy but this was r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s. I tried to flick through the glossy pages and felt very uncomfortable manipulating over 2 kilograms worth of paper (almost 5 pounds).

I like carrying fashion magazines in my handbag and flicking through them on my way to work or during my coffee break but the thought of doing so with Vogue seemed like an impossible mission. I was very eager to read through Vogue’s edit of this season’s key pieces as well as the interview with Lady Gaga (to possibly change my mind about her), even eager to browse through the ads… but all of a sudden buying a magazine 916 pages long, 658 of them being ads, sounded very very stupid. Can I be bothered to find the content? The search through endless ads to find one article sounds more like a treasure hunt than simply easy reading and unfortunately I find the ‘treasure’ hidden in most fashion magazines less and less appealing.

I know postal workers are also complaining about the weight of this year’s September Issue and subscribers are very annoyed to find a collection slip in their mail boxes instead of the actual magazine (it doesn’t fit in most mail boxes). As someone who loved flicking through fashion magazines from a young age, I wish that publications would deliver a product that was practical to carry around instead of a massive pile of paper that has to be dragged back and forth. Fashion magazines are not coffee table books, they are meant to be carried and shared, even ripped apart for inspiration, not a heavy heavy weight on my shoulders.

x Natasha

Meatballs Anyone?

31 Aug

Looking for a good place to eat in New York this weekend?

Here goes a tip from my days in the Big Apple–>The Meatball Shop!

Sunday night and my boyfriend starts browsing through Timeout New York’s cheap eats. Sounds promising, right? As the word ‘meatball’ catches his attention, I cringe.

This is what I pictured…tempting to some, not so much to others…

I unwillingly make my way down from the Upper East Side to Stanton Street picturing a grimy joint with greasy meatball subs. As we get to the place, the hostess informs us it will take 45 minutes or more to get us seated which, in this case, was a pleasant surprise as I was not expecting a coveted place. As I walk in, I am immediately drawn by the welcoming atmosphere, the funky decoration and the upbeat tunes.

Great atmosphere!

We decide to ditch the wait and sit at the bar area, where a cheerful waitress explains us the menu. After deciding on our combination of meatballs, sauces and sides (there are so many possibilities, we took about 20 minutes!) we sit back and enjoy our drinks.  Shortly after, my vegetarian meatball arrives with my side of the chef’s greens topped with a spicy meat sauce—beyond delicious. We finish off our meal with an exquisite green apple sorbet. We learn they make everything in loco, from the meatballs to the ice-cream, adding to the place’s uniqueness.

Some of the dishes served at The Meatball Shop

It turned out to be a great experience that I recommend to friends looking for New York tips! So if you’re looking for a cheap eat in a trendy new York spot, this should be on your list!

Going for seconds when out of town friends visit!


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