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Where is Bike Share?!

11 Sep

All summer I was reeling with excitement because New York City was finally getting bike share in the end of this Summer! For those of you who haven’t heard me yap non-stop about this, bike share is a network of communal bicycles available throughout the city. Designed mainly for short-distance commuting, bike share enables you to pick up a bike and one station and drop it off at another station at your destination, providing an alternative to walking and public transportation. NYC is slated to have 10,000 bikes available at 600 stations throughout the city, focused mostly in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. I was so happy we were catching up! Bike share programs are already available in roughly 165 cities around the world, including Boston, Washington DC, and London, which we feature on the Daisy Chain!

Me posing with Bike Share in London!

I was literally counting the days for NYC Bike share, called Citi Bike as it is sponsored by CitiBank, because I just started a Masters Degree program (!) that requires me to commute to the opposite side of town, and Citi Bike was going to make my life much easier. I had my route all mapped out: pick a bike on my corner, ride across town to the West Side, where I would get on the 1 Train, and then 100 blocks later I would be at school.

Sadly, the inauguration of Citi Bike was pushed back to March 2013 and I have been condemned to walk across town or take the bus. It’s actually not that serious, but I am on a little bit of a rant and I must emphasize again how much I love bike shares and how much I was looking forward to it. Alas, I must tell myself to be patient…OR, this provides the perfect excuse to hop down to DC, or over to London, or Mexico CIty, or Paris, or Medellin…

Me and my sister riding Boston’s Bike Share!



5pm vs. All-Nighters

19 Jul

Before moving to New York, I lived in Washington D.C. for about 3 to 4 months for an internship (it was actually my second time living in D.C. for the summer). D.C.’s work culture is largely influenced by the government’s schedule, and while it is perfectly normal to hear people shuffling around their desks at 4:59pm ready to go home, the same behavior would be frowned upon in New York.

D.C.’s 9-5 schedule has created an amazing happy hour culture, especially in the summer. You get invited to happy hours at work, you get invited to happy hours by the people you met at yesterday’s happy hour, you read about the best happy hours on the Washington Post and so on—the buzz is endless. In New York, however, the few happy hours I attended were later in the evening and did not carry as much buzz as they did in D.C.

Happy hour around Adams Morgan in D.C.

Before entering the New York corporate world, I was sure all-nighters were going to be something I only experienced when reminiscing about my college days. Little did I know that all-nighters and late nights were not a far-fetched reality of working people in New York City. The city moves at a fast pace and everybody seems to be in a frantic race to get somewhere and working hard and long hours seems to be the ticket there. Once you are caught up in this rhythm, leaving your desk at 5pm does not feel right.

My coworker’s picture of the sun rising at work…

Thankfully for New Yorkers, the city is still alive and sizzling later in the night when D.C. has already gone to bed–so there’s plenty of time to enjoy! Happy Hours usually happen in doubles, 4-8pm and a second round of Happy Hour from 11-1. New Yorkers work hard and play harder. You might not have met them at yesterday’s happy hour, but in the city that never sleeps, there is always someone, somewhere, who’s up for a drink.

Stay tuned for D.C. tips–my friend Rebecca will soon post on our “Visiting Voices,” and Mandy will give us a taste of outdoors summer fun talking about peach picking!


Foodie Fun at Schmorgasburg

17 Jul

Taking the L train on the weekends is always an adventure, and I was not alone in my trek across the East River to Schmorgasburg, a food market in Williamsburg. I was lured to Brooklyn by the promise of amazing food, great views, and a friend- and what a fun day it was!

Aerial shot of Schmorgasburg, courtesy of http://www.brooklynflea.com

Framed by dramatic views of the Empire State Building and mid-town Manhattan, Schmorgasburg features about 100 food vendors selling all types of food. From lumpia, a filipino street food, to vegan ice cream- whatever your craving, they have it at Schmorgasburg! I was hankering for a hot dog- done well, with relish and a soft bun. Brooklyn Bangers was calling my name. Made in Brooklyn, a trend at Schmorgasburg, this hot dog really hit the spot! I decided to try something different for dessert, and I knew I had found my match when I spotted Coffee Stout Chip cookies from The Cooke Guild! Guinness+coffee+chocolate chips= a good day!

Coffee Stout Chip Cookie, courtesy of The Cookie Guild

The food at Schmorgasburg is innovative and delicious, but one of the best things to do there is people watch! Schmorgasburg attracts people from all walks of life- hipsters recovering from hangovers, trendy young families, and people like me- amateur foodies wanting to explore the “outer boroughs.”

Bring your appetite, some water, and a sheet to picnic guys, because there’s a lot to taste and experience at Schmorgasburg!


Schmorgasburg opens on Saturdays from 11-6pm. Take L train to Bedford Ave. or East River Ferry!

The Harry Potter Bra Shop

11 Jul

**Our very first joint post written by The Daisy Chain-ers Flávia and Anne**

While living in New York, the two of us would often explore the city together in hopes of uncovering new shops, restaurants, and sights. (What else is a girl to do?)

Storefront on Orchard Street.

Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect day to buy bras, especially at this Lower East Side gem, owned by a Hasidic Jewish couple. The inconspicuous façade does not prepare you for what is waiting inside, for this is no ordinary bra shop. As you walk into the store, you immediately feel like you’re in the lingerie equivalent of Ollivander’s Wand Shop, where Harry Potter’s magical wand found its destined owner. The narrow walls of the store are lined with discolored, crumpled boxes stuffed into somewhat dusty wooden cubbies that stack all the way to the ceiling. A ladder leaning on one of the walls is the only thing that indicates they ever use the boxes stacked above our heads. We soon discover that the dingy boxes contain in them an extensive variety of lovely, quality bras that have nothing drab about them.

Ollivander’s Wand Shop, courtesy of Wikia.com

The owner sits at the register while his beautiful wife assists you. She leads you behind some curtains, and with a quick look and some hand measurements, she is off to the ladder. She then pulls out a box containing the bra of your dreams. As you try it on, she says in an assertive tone and a slight unidentifiable accent “Beeeautiful. See? Look how beeeautiful you are.” And indeed, you are overflown with a feeling of confidence and you think to yourself, “Wow, I really am beautiful.” Suddenly acutely aware of how inadequate all your previous bras have been, there is literally a weight lifted off your back and shoulders. As you walk out of the store with a couple of black plastic bags containing your magic bras, you feel like you can take on the world.

Her words resonate in your ears and you even forget you have just purchased some flesh-colored lace-less bras that would not make the Victoria’s Secret angels proud. It doesn’t matter though, because you are “Beeeautiful.”

-Flavia and Anne

Orchard Corset, courtesy of timeoutny.com

Orchard Corset

157 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 (212) 674-0786

To prevent you from Melt-ing…

6 Jul

If you have air-conditioning and good shoes, New York City is wonderful in the summertime. Temperatures flirt with 100˚F (40˚C) and humidity exceeds 50% — so, in an effort to adapt and overcome, I have devised an expert way to find relief: ICE CREAM!

I discovered the friendly guys from Melt Bakery at the Hester Street Fair three years ago, and their delicious ice cream sandwiches and I have been best friends ever since!

Photo credit: Melt Bakery

The flavors are different every week, but if you’re lucky enough to find it, don’t miss my personal favorite: the Margarita. I can’t remember what type of cookie or ice cream it is, but each bite releases an incredible burst of lemony margarita flavor, offering some respite from the harsh summer heat. Find them at the Hester Street Fair on Saturdays and other locations throughout the city. They also just opened their shop in the Lower East Side!!


Melt Bakery, Various Locations

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