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Reader Pics: Marrakech by Gustavo Damião

5 Sep

The market Jamaa el-Fnaa was the main reason we wanted to visit Marrakech when we were studying abroad! It’s a completely unique experience and definitely worth it!

After we explored every inch of the market, we decided to drink a mint tea  at Café Glace, which has the best view of the square! The tea was just an excuse so that Gustavo, with his amazing photographic skills, could take some amazing shots, one of which is our Reader Pic of the day! Thank you Gustavo, once more!

Jamaa el-Fnaa by Gustavo Damião


Reader Pics: Sevilla by Fabiana Rocha!!

22 Aug

Every time I look at this picture it makes me want to jump on a plane and go back to Seville!

It was taken by Fabiana Rocha (former roommate of mine, when we lived in Seville!). The picture shows the beautiful Isabel II bridge, or Triana Bridge as it is commonly known, over the Guadalquivir river!

Isabel II bridge over the Guadalquivir River

Thanks for the amazing photo Fabi!

If you want to have your picture featured on The Daisy Chain’s Reader Pics, send us an e-mail at with the photo, your name and the location the picture was shot!

And stay tuned for more great pics!!

Say Welcome to Reader Pics!!

15 Aug

What better way to start Reader Pics than with an amazing photograph from London!

As we try to fill up the emptiness left by the incredible Olympics organized by the British lets appreciate this beautiful view, photographed by Gustavo Damião from Brazil!

*Click on the image to see in its original size.

London by Gustavo Damião


12 Jul

We would like to introduce you to new features in our blog!

Visiting Voices
The Daisy Chain is excited to feature more diverse points of view and share even more experiences and insights with you! With that in mind, we created “Visiting Voices” in order to showcase what our friends, readers, and other acquaintances have to say. If you would like to be a guest author, email us at!

Reader Pics
We would like you to send in pictures of what’s going on in your cities—it could be street fashion, amazing local dishes, cool sights, art… etc, etc. The Daisy Chain will feature pictures on our blog with a brief caption of where it was taken and who sent it in! For a chance to be part of The Daisy Chain, send us a picture and short caption at!

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